Roger Betten, President, MFP Automation

Brad Kirk, COO, MFP Automation

Blake A. Dahlquist, CEO, Fly by Light Aerospace

March 21, 2017

Fly by Light Aerospace & MFP Automation Engineering Partnership Announcement

Today, Fly by Light Aerospace announces a partnership with Roger Betten, Marc Peterson, and Brad Kirk of MFP Automation Engineering. MFP is a top 30 distributor in the United States that specializes in fluid power, hydraulics, pneumatics, power units, and automation equipment out of Hudsonville, MI. After moving into a truly one-of-a-kind building, Fly by Light Aerospace was overjoyed to do aerials for MFP to showcase their new building and its architecture.

“MFP has been fortunate enough to work with Blake Dahlquist of Fly by Light Aerospace to highlight our amazing new facility in Hudsonville, MI,” says President Roger Betten. “Fly by Light Aerospace has proven over and over again that their capabilities exceed that of their competition. MFP is excited to continue collaborating with Blake Dahlquist and Fly by Light Aerospace for all of our drone needs!”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue to collaborate with a local West Michigan business,” says Fly by Light Aerospace CEO Blake A. Dahlquist. “We are creating a long-lasting relationship with MFP that will go far beyond just aerial photography! I plan on strengthining our relationship in more ways to help MFP achieve all of its aerial needs and make them stand out from the crowd in every way possible.”

MFP Automation Engineering currently employs over 60 people from all over West Michigan. With a mission statement designed to serve not just families, but communities as well, MFP stands out in front. Their core values of Innovation, Integrity, and Customer Focus help them remain at the front of the pack and ensures they will be around for decades to come.

“Fly by Light Aerospace has highlighted in a dramatic pictorial sense, the amazing growth and stature of MFP Automation Engineering over its 25+ years of existence,” explains MFP Chief Operations Officer Brad Kirk. “We appreciate the opportunity for them to showcase our fantastic new facility in beautiful Hudsonville, MI! Come visit us soon to see our state of the art capabilities in the world of fluid power!”

MFP Automation Engineering’s home is the largest cantilever building in North America, and the cantilever is suspended 40 feet over the ground! This is another one of the many reasons why these aerial shots are some of the best out there. Fly by Light Aerospace is looking forward to a long lasting and strong relationship with MFP Automation Engineering for many years to come!